It's Your Year to Be Extraordinary


Sponsorship Opportunities

No ordinary awards event!

Our ethos has always been about business supporting business, and the Salon Awards is a platform that provides an industry led – level playing field for all salons, of all sizes, and individuals of any experience, to be engaged in the industry – and the chance to create a stronger business position in their home community. The benefits of being part of the Salon Awards are:

Powerful brand awareness

Strengthen your business image in the professional market. Invest in community goodwill. Meet the industry movers of the future

Increase Market Share

Generate regional engagement. Reach salons, exploring industry events for the first time. Engage direct with the decision makers

Targeted Communication

Tailor communication to your category choice. Humanise your involvement by presenting your category award. Engage directly with your category finalists and winners via a bespoke solus emails

Efficient Lead Generation

Build qualified leads easily. Form emotional connections with contests. Leverage solus email opportunities. Develop long-term business relationships.

Cost Effective

Sustained year-round marketing. Variety of channels to market. Flexibility to customise your communications. Engage salons across the UK and beyond in one place.

Invigorate your Marketing

Fresh material for a new content strategy. Innovate your campaigns to put your product in the hands of potential customers. Gain audience insights and feedback

To find out what opportunities are available apply for a sponsorship pack here hello@salonawards.co.uk